A Sticky Situation

I’ve been telling myself for ages (yes ages) that I need to get back to blogging because I miss it so. I’ve had a blog post that I drafted a few months ago that I’ve been meaning to post, but I’ve been procrastinating (who me? never!). My biggest obstacle is…well…LIFE!

But no seriously, my biggest obstacle of getting my drafted post up has been the fact that my laptop took a giant DUMP about two months ago, after someone spilled apple juice on it. Yep, you read that right, apple juice. I blame J for setting his giant cup of apple juice next to it on the coffee table, the coffee table that was scooted entirely too close to the couch. He of course blames me for kicking said apple juice cup while trying to get comfy on the couch. Whatever!

I did get a new laptop out of the deal though. I choose to focus on the positive outcome considering I’d been begging and pleading for a new laptop because mine was a prehistoric dinosaur, falling apart at its hinges. No, I did NOT intentionally kick over the apple juice, I swear!

I debated long and hard between getting a Mac or a PC and although it’s a long, ongoing debate as to which is better, I was actually surprised at what the guy at the local computer store had to say about them. I’m not attempting to open up a giant can of worms here, but he said that in recent years PC’s have actually caught up to Mac’s in quality and there really isn’t a huge difference in the two anymore, it’s really down to personal preference now.

At first, I thought I would’ve loved a Mac because of their better graphics (for my photography editing and hopefully one day a photography career…sigh), but the price tag just wasn’t in our budget at the moment. After the computer guy explained to me that Photoshop is Photoshop no matter what system you’re using it on (duh! why didn’t I think of that?) and after I read about Eye-One Color Management on Jasmine Star’s Blog (who’s my ultimate photography idol by the way), I wasn’t so sure I actually needed a Mac.

So I opted for a new Dell laptop, which I’m quite happy with for the time being. Don’t hate because she’s not a Mac, if you’d like to buy me one I’d love you forever. No really…forever. Perhaps one day when I fulfill my aspirations to become a Professional Photographer, I’ll be able to afford a shiny new Mac. She may not be as techy as a Mac, but she sure is pretty.

my new laptop

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