Lackey Fever

Nearly two weekends ago, I tuned in to watch the Taking Care of Business with Tamara Lackey workshop on CreativeLIVE. To say that I was inspired by Tamara Lackey and her in-studio audience, would be an extreme understatement.

Here are a few tidbits I took away from the amazing photographers that joined Tamara:

Courtney Jade – First of all, her submission video? AH-DORABLE!! Her photography? INCREDIBLE!! But to add in her bubbly, upbeat personality, just sends you over the top and made me want to go to lunch/coffee with her…every day, so we can talk about photography for hours on end. The fact that she’s still working full time AND running her photography business really spoke to me, since I’m working full time and at the VERY early stages of starting a photography business. She’s proof that it can be done.

Erika Monaco – She is definitely the one I looked to as my “future” so to speak. Since J and I just got married (last month) and want to start a family in the next year, I found myself drawn to Erika; since she’s not only managing her photography business, but chasing around a newborn as well. Hence the incredible eye for newborn photography.

Jesse Clements – Professing your undying love for your wife on CreativeLIVE, kudos and brownie points to you mister! I think all the women watching at home sighed and had that “Awwww!!” moment. You know, the moment during a movie where the guy says something super sweet about the girl and all the women in the theater swoon, “Awww!!” Yea, I totally had that moment, thanks to Jesse.

Carolyn Ann Ryan – What a world of knowledge this woman is, I’m so glad she was willing to share all of it with the rest of us. I had to fight back the tears when she shared her story about her daughter and how she can relate to the desperate desire to be liked as a child. Don’t we all know that feeling? If only we could talk to our 6, 10, 15 year old selves and tell them, “You’re cool, just the way you are! Don’t let them get to you!”

Kellianna Wirth – A girl after my very own heart, with her snazzy hat. I’m such a sucker for hats. Tamara mentioned in this post, that you were anxious about creating your video, putting yourself and your business out there. Well girl, you did it and you did it FABULOUSLY!! I absolutely love this line from Tamara’s post: After this weekend I have decided to banish the word anxiety from my brain. It no longer exists. I don’t need it or want it. I need to follow your lead and live by these words.

Donovan Fannon – Ugh! This guy! I feel for you Donovan, your own self-doubt is the same thing I struggle with day in and day out. BUT I think that after this workshop, you’ve learned to believe in yourself, what you do, and what you’re creating. I just loved your post about the workshop, your words still stick with me, so I’d like to share them here: “I will no longer wait for inspiration or opportunity to fall into my lap. I will actively seek to grow, understand my vision and act according to the value in my work and experiences, not in spite of them. I will hit the ground running and make certain that I view the course with vigilance, but never allow the inevitable stumbles to stop me dead in my tracks.” I need these words to be my new, daily mantra.

As for Tamara

Tamara is one of the most genuine, honest, kind-hearted people I’ve ever “met”. (Although I’ve only seen her online, I would LOVE to meet her in person. Here’s one of the very few times, I hate living in Alaska. I honestly LOVE living here, but I hate that we’re so far away from any of the big events like WPPI, workshops, blogger events, etc. Not to mention how expensive flights from Alaska are, sigh…but I wouldn’t trade living in Alaska for anything.) And the fact that she replied to me, multiple times, on Twitter?!?! I nearly screamed like a 12 year old girl and fainted. Yes…I have what I’m dubbing, Lackey Fever. Is there a nail polish in the works? Perhaps.

I digress…Tamara is so incredibly inspiring, her workshop was exactly what I needed at this moment in time. I’m constantly second guessing and doubting my dream to be a photographer. When she brought up the topic of “Why are you waiting?” basically asking why are you waiting to put yourself out there, stop making excuses like not having a web page, not having a logo, not having enough photos yet…this really struck home with me. Why AM I waiting? I’m just scared, I’m letting my fear take over.

No more of that, I’m done. Fear, be gone!

I’ve gotten such an overwhelmingly positive response from the people I’ve shared my photography with, but why am I so surprised at that? Why am I so shocked when other photographers, even well known photographers, tell me how great my work is? Just last night I shared some of my photos with a friend of mine that I’ve known since high school, who’s a professional photographer back in California. She kept telling me, “Wow!! OMG!! These are seriously awesome!!” My response?? “Really?!?!?”

I’m honestly always so shocked when other photographers tell me how great my work is, it’s like I don’t believe them. Why do I keep doubting myself? I need to just tackle my fear head on and OWN my photography. Because you know what? I’ve never been so proud of something in my whole life. Seriously. I had this discussion with J the other day, I’ve never felt this proud of something or had this feeling like I was meant to do something. I was soooo incredibly nervous when I had my first solo portrait/maternity shoot back in July (that I still need to post to the blog), but during the shoot I had so much fun! After the shoot, looking at the photos, I had this overwhelming sense of, “Yep, this is what I was meant to do.” Words don’t even describe it.

So what are my plans for the future? Well let’s see, I’m in the process of having a logo designed, I’m ready to make the transition to my new domain name (instead of this WordPress one), and to get my blog more focused on photography. Of course I’ll still be sharing my Alaskan adventures, I know you’re probably just dying for more fishing photos. 😉 I have some more shoots in the works, I’ll be posting some of my photos from the weddings I’ve second shot over the summer and I’d love any and all feedback you guys are willing to give me. I’m looking into buying a business license, after the first of the year, and really making things “official”. I’m putting together a price list and packages, so I can start charging people for my work (which is seriously a huge leap to me, maybe I’m making it out to be bigger in my head than it should be or is).

I owe all of this newfound inspiration to Tamara, her in-studio audience of photograhers, and CreativeLIVE. I cannot thank you guys enough.

Oooo and did I mention I even won a giveaway from the workshop?!?! I won this ever fabulous Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography – Gift Box Set. I cannot wait to sit and watch the video and dive into the book. Even more knowledge and inspiration for me to soak up, like a sponge.

I’ll leave you with a clip of the quote, that won me the giveaway. Thanks again Tamara, CreativeLIVE, and all of the amazing photographers that were part of the workshop!

“Nobody else can tell you what you’re capable of, what you can do, what you can become, nobody has the right!” – Tamara Lackey

December 29, 2011 - 12:48 pm

ashley goodwin - I love Tamara’s courses! She is incredible!
& have you submitted any CL videos? YOU SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 11, 2012 - 11:17 am

Kalise Smith - I did it!!

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