18 weeks – how I might just give birth to a ninja turtle

I swear to you, if this baby comes out and demands a pizza instead of breast milk, I won’t be surprised in the least bit. It’s pretty much the only thing I’ve wanted, consistently, throughout this pregnancy. In my first trimester, even when I was sick as a dog, it was one of the only things I could keep down. Now that I think about it, I might just give birth to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. If I do, please God let it be Leonardo, he was always my favorite. Although Michelangelo comes in a close second.

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Size of baby: 5 1/2 inches, 7 ounces, the size of a bell pepper.

Total Weight Gain: 3 lbs, which makes me a little sad, but in the grand scheme of things, to have only gained 3 lbs by 18 weeks isn’t so bad…I guess.

Maternity Clothes: I’m officially wearing maternity shirts now and let me tell you what, they’re awesome. But what’s with all of the low cut maternity shirts? I had giant girls before getting pregnant, now they’re just ridiculous. I definitely don’t need them hanging out all over the place in people’s faces, especially at work!

Gender: 2 weeks and counting. The anticipation is killing me. Just for fun, I did the ring test yesterday. My friend Jaime told me how she recently did the test and it was accurate for her, so I thought, what the heck, we’ll just see what it says. Now, here’s my disclaimer, I’m not big on any of this stuff and it’s all pretty silly to me, but I figured why the hell not just do it for kicks? Plus, I was just bored and thought it’d be funny. Well…it swung side to side, which apparently means it’s a boy. No matter how many times I did the test over and over, placed over my belly (which some sites say to do) or my left wrist (which other sites say to do), it was the same answer. Weird right? Only time will tell what we’re really having.

Movement: I’ve been feeling tiny movements here and there, mostly when I’m laying on my back in bed. Sometimes it happens when I get in my car to head home after work. For some reason, the angle of the seat in my car really affects my belly. As its grown bigger and bigger it’s more uncomfortable, depending on how I’m sitting, but even the slightest adjustment relieves all of the pressure. Yesterday I felt such a quick and sudden movement, it actually made me jump…and then of course I couldn’t stop smiling.

The baby really seems to like music. While second shooting a wedding over the weekend, I was snapping shots of the guests on the dance floor and to get the best angle I had to stand right near the DJ’s speakers. After 15 minutes or so, I suddenly felt the baby moving around. I’m not sure if it was because I was standing still, snapping away or if it was the dance music playing, probably both. Either way, peanut is already taking after mom and dad when it comes to shaking our booties. Let’s just hope he/she has no shame like J and will shake it whenever and wherever, because let’s face it, it’s pretty damn entertaining. Especially when he does it around the house, in his underwear. (You’re welcome for the mental picture.)

Sleep: Boy do I love me some sleep and lately it seems no matter how much I get, I’m still tired. Maybe that’s a 2nd trimester thing. I don’t feel utterly exhausted like I did the 1st trimester, nothing can ever compare to that, but I just feel really tired lately. I slept in until 10:30am Sunday and then even ended up taking an impromptu 3 hour nap on the couch in the afternoon. Of course it made it harder to get to sleep that night, but even after all of that, I still felt sleepy yesterday.

What I miss: Days without heartburn (Tums are my new bff).

Cravings: Pizza of course. Reese’s peanut butter cups, preferably Reese’s minis, can we say perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter? Yummm…

Symptoms: Well so far the 2nd trimester has been dedicated to heartburn, no matter what I eat. I’m not sure what’s worse, the nausea and vomiting from the 1st trimester or the perpetual heartburn from the 2nd trimester, they’re both equally evil in their own ways.

What I’m looking forward to: The anticipation of our 20 week gender ultrasound is killing me. See also: I’m incredibly impatient. Last weekend’s wedding was a blast and I’m looking forward to second shooting another wedding with Jaime this weekend. I’m also really looking forward to having our house back to ourselves. We’ve had house guests for almost 2 weeks now and while it’s been a nice change to have them around, I’m ready to have my house back in order and some time to ourselves.

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