27 weeks – horizontal stripes, restless nights, and subliminal marketing

I the results back from my 24 week glucose and iron tests a week or two ago and everything looks great, my iron levels are fine, my thyroid is still cooperating, and I don’t have gestational diabetes. All great things to hear.

Since it’s been 3 weeks since my last post, here’s an updated belly photo:

How Far Along: 27 weeks

Size of baby: 14 1/2 inches, 2 lbs, the weight of a cauliflower

Total Weight Gain: 15  lbs

Maternity Clothes: I ordered a few more new shirts and dresses for our maternity shoot. The dresses I ordered before didn’t work out, except for the really cute coral one. I’m in love with one of my new shirts though (the one pictured above) this is the only time in my life I can get away with horizontal stripes, so I’m owning it!! 🙂

Gender:  We’re still going with a girl, until the Dr. tells us otherwise. Our 28 week repeat gender ultrasound is tomorrow, so…we’ll see.

Movement: She’s not as active and wiggly as she used to be, I’m guessing it’s because she’s getting bigger and has less room to move around in there. She still moves whenever I eat, when there’s music playing, or when the dogs bark though. Her movements have changed a bit too, now that she’s bigger. One of my pregnancy apps on my phone said the new “spasms” are actually her having the hiccups, which always makes me smile when I feel them. Last night when we were laying on the couch, J was able to feel her moving/kicking by simply resting his hand on my belly. Before, I’d have to actually press his hand into my belly pretty hard for him to feel her.

Sleep: So that whole sleeping through the night thing? Not happening anymore. J gets up for work around 4am or so every day and until recently I never really had a problem going right back to sleep. Now, I wake up at different hours of the night some nights and it drives me crazy. There have been some mornings when J leaves for work around 4:30 or 5:00 and I sit there lying in bed, desperately trying to get back to sleep. It’s almost as if I’m better off sleeping in 5-6 hour increments, even on weekends when we end up lounging around and napping here and there.

What I miss: Okay, so I know I’ve said it a thousand times over, but I can’t wait to be able to lay on my belly again. There are times when I’m on the couch or in bed and just can’t quite get comfy and the only thing I feel like will fix it is laying on my belly, but of course I can’t. I even tried it the other day and it’s definitely a no-go. I know you’re not really supposed to, but I lay on back sometimes just to get more comfortable, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Everything I’ve read says it’s not a big deal to lie on your back, so long as it’s not for a long period of time.

Cravings: Really none that I can think of, it’s a strange thing to not love the same candies and sweets that I did before being pregnant. Before I got pregnant if there was a bag of peanut butter M&M’s in our house, it was only a matter of days (who am I kidding, more like hours) before I devoured it, but now I’ve had the same bag on top of the fridge for weeks, probably months and I’m not really all that interested in it. My first trimester was really strange, not wanting sweets at all. I will tell you that commercials are the devil for a pregnant girl. If I see a Subway or Arby’s or Domino’s commercial, I’m instantly like, “Ooooo, Subway sounds good.”

Symptoms: I haven’t thrown up since that last post 3 weeks ago (knock on wood)!! So that’s definitely a plus. The last two days I’ve had that pain in my ribs again and I’m telling you it’s enough to drive a girl insane. All I want to do is lie down, to relieve the pain and pressure. I’m not quite sure if it’s her head, her butt, or round ligament pains, like my friend Andra suggested, but it’s so annoying and uncomfortable. When I try to push down on her to get it to stop, I can feel her wiggling and moving around at the bottom of my belly. The only thing that seems to work is lying down really, standing up helps sometimes, but only temporarily.

What I’m looking forward to: Obviously our repeat gender ultrasound tomorrow, duh!! Also, 11 weeks from tomorrow will be my last day at work!!! My maternity leave will start Monday, December 10th and I’m not going back to work until Monday, March 11th, woohoo!! Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited? Of course that’s all if nothing changes and she doesn’t decide to show up early. Which I honestly wouldn’t mind if she came a little early, better than late, I’d rather not be in the hospital on Christmas. I have to admit I got slightly excited when the Dr. mentioned the idea of a C section (at my 20 week ultrasound the placenta was just a hair low, she said it will more than likely move up as my uterus does/did, but that we’ll keep an eye on it and if it stays low, we may have to consider a C section). It’s not that I’m excited about actually having a C section, but how cool would it be to pick your due date? Hello, 12/12/12?! I think that’d be a pretty awesome birthday.

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