Perfectionism leads to procrastination…

I admit it, I’m a procrastinator. There, I said it. Do I feel better? Not really. In fact, no.

During a recent episode of Jasmine Star’s creativeLIVE ReSTARt workshop, Jasmine mentioned a quote I’ve heard before, but this time it really stuck with me,

“Perfectionism leads to procrastination”.

That phrase has been like a bad remix, stuck on repeat in my brain ever since. I don’t know anyone more guilty of the entire ideology of that phrase than I am. Maybe it’s a combination of my obsessive compulsive tendencies and my extreme desire for everything to be perfect, but I absolutely, without a doubt, am my own worst enemy.

During a recent conversation with a friend about my OCD and perfectionism, she said something to me that really hit home. I actually wrote it down, so I wouldn’t forget it. She said, “Done is better than perfect, we’re creative minds and nothing will ever be perfect in our minds.” Nuff said. Simple. DONE is better than perfect.

Another one I’ve heard, along the same lines is “Perfectionism is just procrastination with better marketing and PR.”

I’m guilty of it all. I want everything to be so perfect that I get caught up in all of the tiny little details, instead of just getting ish done! So that’s just what I’m planning to do, get over myself, stop worrying about perfection, and GET SHIT DONE. Yep. There it is. My first curse word on the blog.

Speaking of procrastination, how appropriate and relevant is this maze? I know we’re all guilty of this to some effect…(although the porn part? Not so much. Maybe that’s just me.)

Words to live by.

I know I’ve thought this far too many times.

Ain’t that the truth?

I need one of these stuck to my forehead every day.

Or maybe just this guy, to follow me around everywhere I go.

June 17, 2013 - 11:24 am

Sarah - Hahaha, get shit done certainly is to the point 🙂

August 15, 2013 - 10:22 pm

Cherry - Hahaha… I’m guilty of this as well… should be in my bio or something… Photographer, philosopher, procrastinator & lover of life! haha 🙂

My fave would be to have that guy follow me around.

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