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When Kristina and I first chatted about their upcoming wedding, she initially told me that they weren’t interested in an engagement session, just wedding day coverage and of course immediately my heart sunk. I talked a little about how important engagement sessions are, not only for us to get to know one another, for my couples to get comfortable in front of my camera, but also for me to see how they interact with one another as a couple. The more we talked and Kristina explained, I quickly realized that Kristina did want engagement photos, but it was Stefen who was hesitant.

If any of you have seen this recent “I Hate Your Engagement Photos” article, as soon as it popped up in my Facebook feed, I immediately thought of Stefen and smiled. I get it, most guys don’t go into engagement sessions going, “Woohoo!! Let’s do this, I’m so excited!!” but they do it for their fiancé. You know the phrase…“Happy wife, happy life.” My only hope is that most of them walk away from their sessions with me saying, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad…that was actually fun!!”

Once Kristina told me Stefen loved to fish and he had his own boat, I knew I hit a gold mine. I suggested maybe we could convince him to do the engagement session, if we incorporated his boat and it was all over from there. First we talked about Tutka Bay as a possibility, but when Kristina mentioned that Stefen’s family friends, the Maurys, live in Halibut Cove, my heart skipped a beat. Halibut Cove has held a pretty special place in my heart ever since I took my very first trip across the bay back in June of 2013. If you don’t know the story of Halibut Cove, do yourself a favor and look it up, it’s a pretty special place, with a very unique story.

Here’s the thing, I’m a firm believer in putting things out into the universe and maybe…just maybe, they’ll come to fruition. The other day I was reminded of this post I made on Facebook and I couldn’t help but laugh to myself how funny things work out sometimes.


Once we decided on Halibut Cove for our location, my excitement level was of course sky high. The more Kristina and I talked over the weeks that followed, the more the suspense built. Spend the day with a sweet, down to Earth, fun loving, ourdoorsy couple, in a gorgeous location?! Have I mentioned I love my job?

The boat ride over to the cove was such a great chance for us to get to know each other, I immediately felt so comfortable with both Kristina and Stefen and knew we were going to have a fun day…even if I did get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Hey, it’s not an Alaskan summer photo session if I don’t walk away with bug bites.

Watching the two of them together reminds me so much of me and my husband. Stefen is just as sarcastic and ornery as Justin is, loves to fish and hunt and teases and pokes at Kristina, but if you watch closely, you can see how much he truly adores her and watches after her, even when she’s not paying attention.

I could not have had more fun with Stefen and Kristina during their engagement session in Halibut Cove and I cannot wait for their wedding day. A big thank you to the Maurys for inviting us as their guests to the cove and sharing their gorgeous piece of Alaska!


Okay, can we please talk about this adorable gear shed/bunk house? I mean really. When we started the session off here, I knew it was going to be an awesome day.

kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-003 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-002 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-004 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-008 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-006 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-009 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-010

Who doesn’t love a good pair of Xtratufs? Am I right?

kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-011 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-012 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-013

Halibut Cove…I think I’m in love with you.

kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-015 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-016 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-017 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-018 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-014 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-020 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-021

Really Kristina? Just stop it with all of your gorgeousness already.


When we came across this adorable little pathway covered in greenery, I need we just had to stop for some photos here.

kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-027 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-028 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-030 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-031 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-032 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-033 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-034 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-035 kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-halibut-cove-038


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