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Sometimes when I talk to brides, I get this feeling, it’s hard to describe. It lies somewhere in between, “I feel like I’ve known this girl for years, but we haven’t even met yet, we only just talked on the phone.” and, “Let’s be BFFs and have matching handmade friendship bracelets!!” (You know, those ones you made with embroidery thread in the 5th grade, complete with rainbow colored chevron patterns? Oh…my BFFs and I SO had those, we even started our own little shop and sold them!! See…I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. I digress.

From the minute that Ayla and I first spoke on the phone, I instantly adored her. I wanted her to come over, drink wine in our PJs, and watch crap realty TV together.

We immediately jumped into planning her and Kyle’s engagement session and when she told me about their four-legged furry child Oakley and asked if we could find a way to incorporate him into the session, I said of course!! I knew right then that we were going to have so much fun during their session.

When you see Kyle and Ayla together, you immediately sense and know, not only how truly comfortable and happy they are together, but just how much fun they have with one another. I love a couple that love to laugh and Ayla and Kyle are definitely one of those couples. Kyle’s constantly teasing Ayla, but he’s always right there to follow it up with a sweet, loving remark (nice save buddy, I like your style). Ayla’s never shy with the witty comebacks either, she’s a girl after my very own heart.

I’m not sure who I was more excited to meet that day, Ayla, Kyle, or Oakley, but I have to say they make one seriously adorable family already and I can’t wait until they make it “official”.

kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-002.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-005.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-004.jpg

Can we please talk about all of Ayla’s adorable signs?! Would you believe me if I told you that she made them all herself? Amazing right?! They’re something straight off of Pinterest!!

kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-006.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-007.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-008.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-009.jpg

kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-010.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-012.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-011.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-013.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-014.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-014.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-016.jpg kenai-peninsula-soldotna-homer-seward-anchorage-wedding-photographer-alyesja-resort-017.jpg

I’m so excited and honored to be photographing Kyle and Ayla’s big day at the Alyeska Resort.

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